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Dedicated server
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    SIVIT hosting - DEDICATED SERVER - Provider in France
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    Only high performance dedicated servers

    Because your server deserves the best both in quality of hardware as the connectivity, while retaining control of your budget accommodation, SIVIT thought to several offers dedicated servers and economic performance.

    These servers will host your site or your customers, your applications and your critical data in the best conditions. Here are several advantages of SIVIT hosting

    Bandwidth guaranteed by SLA:With all our dedicated servers are included packages Bandwidth Guarantee by SLA contract.

    We operate our own network BGP4 + OSPF fully managed by our team and monitored 24/7/365, with all the guarantees of reliability (redundancy full n +1), control, availability and speed, for hosting high quality, with upstreams redundant optical fiber to our mix of operators. The current network capacity is 6x1Gbps fiber connections by 6 to 2 routers (Foundry Networks) under separate vrrp. The choice of your distribution: The operating system installed on dedicated servers is GNU / Linux (Debian-based network applications) and they come preconfigured with a complete suite of software interfaces and terminal 2 (+ Webmin panel SIVIT ) that allow you to take your machine in hand quickly and efficiently, even if you have little or no knowledge of system administration. Obviously, you have root access on your machine.

    We can more you install another distribution, Debian if you do not like (Gentoo, Fedora, FreeBSD, ...), but which will be delivered in basic version with SSH access, so you can configure it according to your wish.

    The scalability of your business: For all our offers, you can add additional RAM, or an additional hard drive if your camera allows (see details of the server), is used to increase the total disk space, is configured free of charge by us in Raid 1 soft, to ensure redundancy, and thus protection of your data.

    When you grow you must change the server is SIVIT that supports the full migration of your system and data to your new server, without any additional cost other than the difference in rent between the 2 versions. So for you this is purely administrative, and allows you to build the server you need now, without seriously anticipate the future for fear of migration approaches to incur.

    A server measure: If you can not find in our standard server exactly meet your needs, please contact us to receive an offer. We will develop together the ideal configuration.

    Speed control of your network: You have an interface for monitoring (MRTG) allows you to precisely follow the trend of consumption of your dedicated server.

    Outsourcing your server: With all our package is inclusive of 15 minutes of free monthly data management, in addition to our technical standard to make your order on any installation, upgrade, or configuration your choice. You can also opt for a package outsourcing more important, depending on your needs.

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